Perfect Pairings: Beauty Sleep

Hello!  So here I am back from Vacation and trying to get back  into the groove. While I was away, my internet access was VERY limited, but I did manage to connect a couple of times just to check messages and keep an eye on my business.  During one of those times, I received a lovely e-mail from a woman named Sharon who had found my blog post about different ways to wear the TruShine Gel System.  One of the things she said inspired me.  She said that she has a hard time matching wraps and gels online since you can’t place them side by side.  So, I decided that until we get a “Looks Great With” button on the Jamberry Site to offer pairing suggestions, I would create my own!  In her e-mail, this wonderful woman indicated that she was looking at the Beauty Sleep and Beta Gel Colors.  Well, Sharon, as promised here is the first of my “Perfect Pairings” posts!  Today, I offer suggestions for Beauty Sleep.  While Damsel in Distress, Trippin’, Butterfly Bliss, and Speed of Light are not the ONLY options…they are among my personal favorites.


I also want to share with you how I paired Beauty Sleep!  Since I have had it for over a month but had yet to wear it, I figured no time like the present!  I decided to do some layering as well!  I chose to pair Beauty Sleep with Dancing Lilacs (a clear wrap) over Country Club and added Metro in the mix!


As always, you can contact me with the info on the right, find me on Facebook, or contact me through My Jamberry Site. I would love to hear from you! Let me know how YOU paired Beauty Sleep, tell me what TruShine Gel Color you would like suggestions for, or just say hello!  Until next time gang, keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!


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