August StyleBox: Dare to Bare!

If you are a huge fan of the clear wraps like I am, you are going to be just as excited by the August StyleBox as I am!  The Dare to Bare box offers 3 different looks to wear alone or layer over your other favorite wraps, lacquers and gels!  The only thing I DON’T love is having to decide which one to choose!

To start YOUR StyleBox subscription, just go to My Jamberry Page and fill out the little questionnaire to determine which look is “you”.  Don’t worry tho! If you don’t agree with the results or like a different box better, you can choose which box to get each month by going to your StyleBox Account page!  I get a different one every month it seems! What if there is a month where you don’t particularly care for any of them? No worries there either! You can skip a month each quarter or you can even gift your box to someone who you think would LOVE it!  I have been getting StyleBox for over a year now and I have yet to even CONSIDER stopping my subscription! Who doesn’t love $30 in exclusive Jamberry Product for only $25 plus free shipping delivered right to their mailbox every month!?



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