Tick Tock…

Ok Gang…this is it!  The very last day to get those retiring wraps and lacquers!  As I have said before, once they are gone, they are GONE!


There is no “consultants only” source where I can order these products for you tomorrow.  As a consultant, I don’t have access to any wraps or lacquers that you don’t have access to.  We are under the very same deadline as all of you!  This is my 4th Catalog change over I have been through since becoming a Jamberry Consultant, and it never fails.  Tomorrow, my consultant group will be filled with posts from other consultants looking for this wrap or that lacquer that just retired because a customer forgot to get her order in, or worse, talked herself out of something that she wishes she wouldn’t have.  Please do NOT let this happen to you!  Check out all the retiring wraps in the Going, Going, Gone category…look through the Lacquers and pay attention with the ones that have the red “Retiring Soon” banner on them.  Those will all be gone tomorrow!

Something else that will be gone tomorrow, The USA Relief Wraps.  Not only are these wraps absolutely GORGEOUS, they are for a great cause!  Over the past couple of months, the US Red Cross has been very busy helping people in California, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, and even here in my own state of Indiana.  Floods and Fires have put so many people out of their homes, families have lost everything.  For every one of these wraps sold, Jamberry will donate $3.00 to the Red Cross so that they can continue to help these families begin to rebuild their lives.  Not only do I have mine, I am currently wearing them!  I mixed them with a StyleBox Wrap from long ago, and Diamond Dust Sparkle


Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on any of these wonderful wraps!  You can order direct from My Site, or you can contact me through my Facebook Page, or the Contact Info on the right and I will be more than happy to assist you!  Time is running out!


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