Today is the Day! It is HERE!!!

Finally!!  It is New Fall Catalog Launch Day and there is much joy in Jamberryland!  There are so many beautiful new Wraps, Lacquers and Gel Colors to choose from…I don’t even know what to order first!!


OK…that isn’t entirely true!  There are a couple of things that are at the top of my list.  The first being the New TruShine Gel Color, Tutus and Tiaras.  All that Purply Pink Sparkly goodness!  Yup, the Girly Girl in me is letting out a giant “SQUEEEEE” over this one!  Of course, not far behind is the Black Onyx TruShine Gel!  That one is talking to the inner 80’s teenager that still lives inside of me.  OH! And I will need that New TruShine Matte Top Coat because I am OBSESSED with the monochromatic manis that mix shiny and matte on the same nail!

As for wraps…OMG!  Where to begin!  While there are so many that have caught my eye…there are a few that have risen to the top of my list.  First, I have said before, my all time favorite color combo is Pink, Black and White.  This catalog gives me a couple of options in that combo!  Mod Flair and Pink Papaya hit all the right notes for me!  Then there are the wraps like Bubbler, Boho Blossoms, and Funky Fresh that appeal to the Free-Spirited Hippie Chick part of me. (Yeah…there are a a lot of parts to me…sometimes I wonder just how many people are living in my body! LoL)  There are some florals that made my Must Have list too courtesy of the Fun and Flirty girl in me.  Daisy Way, Vertical Garden and Royal Bliss are definite favorites.  While I don’t have pics of them ALL…here are a few I have mentioned and even a couple I didn’t list but I love anyway.


I have shown you bits and pieces…but you can see ALL the goodies on My Jamberry Site!  Want to see JUST the New Wraps?  Just go to the New Section to see them all.  Feel free to comment and let me know which new colors and designs are YOUR favorites!!


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