#TellYourStory : Help Fight Breast Cancer

Sad, but true, we all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, friend, or even you — breast cancer knows no bounds. It does not discriminate. People of all colors, religions, and even men have been affected by this disease.  Enough is enough! It is time to put a stop to it! That’s why Jamberry has partnered with the American Cancer Society in the US, along with similar organizations in Canada and Australia to bring you the Tell Your Story Collection. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of the five wraps in the collection will be donated to the these organizations to help fight breast cancer through research and prevention.

***NOTE: At the time this was published, the images on the Jamberry Site are not working properly.  However, they ARE available for purchase and the images will be fixed soon.  I apologize for the inconvenience.***


In addition to research and prevention, it is also so important to share our stories.  With that in mind, those who have battled this disease firsthand, or through a loved one are encouraged to share their stories using #TellYourStory. You never know, the story you share could bring much needed hope and comfort to someone who is in the fight of their life against this terrible disease or watching someone they love go through this battle.

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All of these gorgeous wraps are available NOW!  While they are not eligible for the B3G1 discount, they ARE for a very worthy cause.  Just click on your favorite to be taken to my Jamberry Site where you can place your order and make a difference.  Whether you purchase a wrap or not, I encourage you to share your story using #tellyourstory in the comments on my blog, on my Facebook Page, or on your own social media outlets.  Remember, while it is going to take money for research to fight this disease globally, a large part of the individual battles going on every minute of every day is state of mind.  Hope, strength, support and determination can be gained by those who are fighting if they know they are not fighting alone.


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