Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL??

Looking for a way to show your team spirit that does NOT involve body paint, hats shaped like cheese wedges, or giant foam fingers?  I have the answer!  That’s right, Jamberry has collaborated with the NFL to bring you the officially licensed NFL Collection by Jamberry!  All your favorite teams are available to make sure your nails are Game Day Ready!  Whether you are cheering from the stands, watching from the local pub, or simply gathered with friends in your own living room, you can show your team spirit WITHOUT giving up your keen sense of style and taste!

If you are like me and have more than one team you root for (Go Colts AND Broncos!!) I have good news!!  Even though these wraps are considered premium wraps and are priced at $18 a sheet, they CAN be included in the B3G1 Free Offer!  So get a set for you, get a set for a friend, or select coordinating wraps to kick it up to a mixed mani!  Check out the entire collection, pick your team and just like that, Game Day has Never Looked So Good!






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