If You Have Been On the Fence About StyleBox…

The time to jump is NOW!!  There have been some major changes to our StyleBox Subscription program and I can honestly say I am SUPER Excited by all of them!!  First, let me show you what is in store for December’s StyleBox, and then we will go over all the changes and new features!  December’s Theme is “A Fresh Perspective”.


I am LOVING them all this time!  But that’s OK…because of the changes.  Let’s get to that, shall we??

NEW!! Month To Month Option

That’s right! I know that a lot of you have been hesitant to subscribe to StyleBox because before, you had to prepay at least 3 months up front.  Well, you can still choose from the 3, 6 or 12 month prepaid subscription, buy now you can also choose the new Month to Month Subscription option! You pay for 1 month at a time from the very beginning!

NEW!! Customize Your StyleBox

I know that there have been months where choosing a box was really hard because I liked a wrap from one box, and another wrap from a DIFFERENT box.  Well, that is no longer an issue!  Now, you can choose your two wraps from all 6 of the StyleBox Exclusives!  So…If I choose the Trendy Box, I can swap out one of those wraps for a wrap from the Feminine or Classic box!  How cool is that??  Wait…it gets even better…

NEW!! StyleBox Add-Ons

We all know that StyleBox has Free Shipping…but now you can actually ADD up to 8 additional wraps and 2 lacquers or gels to ship along with your StyleBox order and those items will ship for free as well!  You can even add other Exclusive StyleBox Wraps and the B3G1 Discount applies to additional wraps!  That means if I love ALL the Exclusive StyleBox Wraps, I can select 2 for my box, and then select the other 4 as add ons at the B3G1 price!

NEW!! Shipping Schedule

From this point on, there will only be one shipping period for StyleBox orders at the beginning of each month instead of 2 (the other being mid month for new subscribers who sign up between the 1st and the 15th of the month). You will have from the 1st of each month until the 25th to customize, add to, skip, or gift your box for the following month. Billing will be on the 26th and your box will ship on or around the 1st. In addition, the preview for the next StyleBox will be released on or around the 26th!  So…if you were to sign up now, you will have until the 25th to select, customize and add to your December StyleBox.  On the 26th, you will be billed and you will get to see what is in January’s StyleBox. On or around the 1st, December’s box along with anything added to it will ship and you can begin customizing for January!

Now, I know this is a lot of information but don’t worry!  If you have any questions or would like assistance with getting started, feel free to contact me! I am more than happy to help! You can use the contact info, leave a comment, or find me on Facebook!


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