Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing major to report, no special announcements to make.  I just wanted to say have a great day and be sure to spread a little love.  OK…since this IS my Jamberry Blog, I guess I kinda wanted to show off my Valentine’s Mani too.


This particular mani kind of combines several of the things I LOVE about Jamberry (see what I did there? LoL)  First, you may notice that other than the Silver Stripe, these are not current wraps!  Nope! The wrap on my ring finger (Love Letters) and the wrap overlaying the Silver Stripe are both at LEAST a year old! Try THAT with those Polish Strips from the Big Box Stores!  Our wraps are not simply dried polish (which will dry out and become unusable not too long after opening them), they are ultra thin vinyl which means they will be good to go for years when stored properly.

Another thing I love is demonstrated on my pinkie and index fingers. That is not one, but TWO wraps layered over our Kiss Lacquer! The Clear Wraps offer endless possibilities for creating completely unique looks for your nails! You can wear them alone, layer them over lacquers, gels, or other wraps.  You can even cut them up to create accents on your nail!  Talk about Flexibility!

Finally, the silver on my middle finger is Birthday Bash TruShine Gel Enamel.  So in one manicure, I have mixed Wraps, Lacquers AND Gels to get the look I wanted. Our products mix and match so perfectly, it makes doing a Mixed Mani as easy as 1, 2, 3! Since I am a Mixed Mani kind of gal, I love the fact that when I find a wrap I can’t wait to wear, there is ALWAYS another wrap, lacquer or gel color that matches PERFECTLY!

Want to have your own personal style right at your fingertips?  Check out My Site and see everything Jamberry has to offer.  I am sure you will find something you love!


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