My Favorite GGG Looks

So there are a lot of wraps that are retiring that I am perfectly OK with seeing them go.  Some I just didn’t like from the beginning, others I WANTED to like so I tried them but they just weren’t me.  Now, I am sure that some of my “Donkey Wraps” will soon become someone else’s “Unicorn Wrap” and that is the great thing about Jamberry. There is something for everyone!

On the other hand, there are several wraps that I have worn and loved and I feel that their retirement deserves a bit of a tribute.  So…here are some of my favorite Going, Going, Gone looks and how I wore them!

Simply Daisy and Lemon Drop


I was on the fence about this wrap AND this lacquer.  I thought the yellow was too bright, the wrap too “cutesy” and I didn’t think they were “me”, but once I got it on my hands, it became one of my favorite manis EVER!  It is one of very few looks I have ever worn twice!



I absolutely LOVE this wrap!  I love the bold colors and the black outlining that just pops on the white background. I love that you can pair it with a red, like I did here, a yellow (like Lemon Drop), blue, or even black! This is one I consider a definite loss.

Ka Boom


True Confession time…I did not actually buy this wrap.  My daughter did and she gave me her “leftovers” which works well for us because the ones she leaves are the ones that I use for my mixed manis!  You can bet I WILL be ordering a sheet of these for myself before they are gone!  I wore this mani over the 4th of July and I loved it so much, I wore it a whole week longer than I usually wear a look!



This is one of those wraps that people have had definite feelings about.  Either they love it or they hate it.  Me?  I LOVE it!  While I think it is too much for a full mani using JUST the Turquoise wrap, when paired with the black and gold I think it is just PERFECTION!

So, those are just a FEW of my favorite manis using products on the Going, Going, Gone list.  There are so many great wraps and lacquers and gels on this list, I had a really hard time deciding which ones I had never tried but HAD to have, which ones I already have but need MORE, and which ones I could live without.  Unless you want to wake up on March 1st all sad and full of regret because you didn’t get this wrap or that lacquer and now it is too late, Check Out the Full List of retiring wraps and get those Must Have looks before they are gone forever!


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