Hey Pretty Lady, What’s Your Sign?


Available today at 9:00 a.m. MT, Jamberry introduces their new VERY LIMITED EDITION Zodiac Collection! Featuring 12 gorgeous designs, this collection was thoughtfully crafted to embody each of the lunar zodiac signs and defining characteristics. We have limited quantities of each sign’s wrap so they could sell out at different times. If a wrap doesn’t sell out, it will retire on Friday, June 30 at 11:59 p.m. MT.    These are eligible for B3G1, Hostess Rewards, and 1/2 off Booking Rewards!  Just go to My Site and select Zodiac Collection from the Collections List and find your sign.



The Original Boss Babe!

Hello my lovelies! I know it has been a while and for that, I am sorry. Today tho, something SO cool came across the wire in Jamberryland, I just HAD to share!  As of today, a whole NEW Collection by Jamberry is available. I am thrilled to present, The Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry!



These, like several of our other Premium Wraps are included in our Buy 3 Get 1 Offer!  You can mix and match these with other premium wraps such as Disney Collection by Jamberry, Peanuts Collection by Jamberry, Marvel by Jamberry, NFL Collection by Jamberry, and NBA Collection by Jamberry, or with regular catalog wraps!  Show off the Boss Babe you KNOW you are!

Nail Trends, Jamberry Style!

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite Nail Trends for 2017 and how these looks can be done using Jamberry products! These trends made me do a little mental fist pump in the air because I knew that these looks would be no sweat for me and my Jamberry Stash! The BEST part about it? I don’t have to spend hours in a salon or pay salon prices.  I also don’t have to be a master with a detail brush or need the ability to create tiny little works of art on a canvas the size of my fingernail!

Touch of Black

This is probably my favorite trend. I have always been a sucker for the drama of Black! When you add just a bit of black against a contrasting background, whether it be a bright color, a soft neutral color or even bare nails, it is sure to add the right amount of “pop” to your manicure!

3D Accent

This look is SOOO easy to get with Jamberry!  Our Design Dimensions give you a whole bottle full of bling in different shapes, finishes and sizes so you can make this look your own.  Don’t forget, the Design Dimensions can also be included in the Build Your Own Color Suite offer!  What is that?  When you purchase 4 items from our Lacquer Collection, including Base Coats, Top Coats, Glitters, and Colors, you will get all 4 at a 10% discount!  Just load your cart and the discount will come off automatically! And just so you know, the Quick Dry Top Coat can be used in place of the Ultra Shine Top Coat to seal and honestly, I prefer the QDTC for not just the quick dry time, but also for the amazing shine and protection it gives my manicure!

Feminine Neutrals

If you aren’t into bright, bold colors or overly busy designs on a high contrast background or if your job requires you to keep your nail looks subtle, then this trend is SO for you!  Soft, neutral colors with subtle design give you a bit of pop in a more subdued style.  Feminine, beautiful, and classy, this trend will look great with any look!

Negative Spae

I am going to be honest, I had never worn our clear wraps without lacquer, gel or another wrap underneath for contrast, but after looking through pictures demonstrating this trend, I asked myself “Why Not?”  So…I tried it, and guess what?? I LOVED the look!  I do mixed manis so it was only on a couple of nails, and it wasn’t even the most obvious pattern I used, but it seemed like everyone who noticed my nails mentioned the lace over bare nail specifically.  I heard words like, “Classy”, “So Pretty”, “Feminine”, and “Gorgeous”.  That pretty much sold me so when I went to do my current mani, I couldn’t help but include a Clear Wrap on a bare nail again! I think I may have a new obsession!  Here are pics of last week’s mani and my current mani.

On the left is last week’s mani consisting of Vertical Garden, Lace Noir (sadly, retired), and Tutus and Tiaras TruShine Gel Enamel.  On the right, is my current mani made up of Masterpiece (one of our brand new designs), Metallic Silver Stripe, and Beauty Sleep TruShine Gel Enamel.

So, pick your trend, give it a go and please feel free to share pics! I would LOVE to see how you make these looks your own! You can send them to me via e-mail (in the contact info on the right) or post them to my Facebook Page.


Today is the happiest of days in Jamberryland! It is Launch Day!  Our Spring 2017 Catalog JUST WENT LIVE!  I am here to tell you, this catalog is AMAZING! I am so excited I can hardly stand it there are so many wonderful things this time around!  From wrap designs that are on trend, fabulous new lacquer and gel colors, to the all new Indulgence Foot Care Set, I can’t decide what I need first!   Here are just a few of my favorite things!



Oh…and that new Indulgence Foot Care Set?  It comes in this ADORABLE little travel bag!  Perfect timing to start getting those pretty little piggies Sandal Weather Ready!


So I have given you a little taste, but you can see it ALL by visiting My Site. If you prefer, you can also view a digital copy of the new Spring 2017 Catalog!  As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me! I would love to help!

My Favorite GGG Looks

So there are a lot of wraps that are retiring that I am perfectly OK with seeing them go.  Some I just didn’t like from the beginning, others I WANTED to like so I tried them but they just weren’t me.  Now, I am sure that some of my “Donkey Wraps” will soon become someone else’s “Unicorn Wrap” and that is the great thing about Jamberry. There is something for everyone!

On the other hand, there are several wraps that I have worn and loved and I feel that their retirement deserves a bit of a tribute.  So…here are some of my favorite Going, Going, Gone looks and how I wore them!

Simply Daisy and Lemon Drop


I was on the fence about this wrap AND this lacquer.  I thought the yellow was too bright, the wrap too “cutesy” and I didn’t think they were “me”, but once I got it on my hands, it became one of my favorite manis EVER!  It is one of very few looks I have ever worn twice!



I absolutely LOVE this wrap!  I love the bold colors and the black outlining that just pops on the white background. I love that you can pair it with a red, like I did here, a yellow (like Lemon Drop), blue, or even black! This is one I consider a definite loss.

Ka Boom


True Confession time…I did not actually buy this wrap.  My daughter did and she gave me her “leftovers” which works well for us because the ones she leaves are the ones that I use for my mixed manis!  You can bet I WILL be ordering a sheet of these for myself before they are gone!  I wore this mani over the 4th of July and I loved it so much, I wore it a whole week longer than I usually wear a look!



This is one of those wraps that people have had definite feelings about.  Either they love it or they hate it.  Me?  I LOVE it!  While I think it is too much for a full mani using JUST the Turquoise wrap, when paired with the black and gold I think it is just PERFECTION!

So, those are just a FEW of my favorite manis using products on the Going, Going, Gone list.  There are so many great wraps and lacquers and gels on this list, I had a really hard time deciding which ones I had never tried but HAD to have, which ones I already have but need MORE, and which ones I could live without.  Unless you want to wake up on March 1st all sad and full of regret because you didn’t get this wrap or that lacquer and now it is too late, Check Out the Full List of retiring wraps and get those Must Have looks before they are gone forever!

Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing major to report, no special announcements to make.  I just wanted to say have a great day and be sure to spread a little love.  OK…since this IS my Jamberry Blog, I guess I kinda wanted to show off my Valentine’s Mani too.


This particular mani kind of combines several of the things I LOVE about Jamberry (see what I did there? LoL)  First, you may notice that other than the Silver Stripe, these are not current wraps!  Nope! The wrap on my ring finger (Love Letters) and the wrap overlaying the Silver Stripe are both at LEAST a year old! Try THAT with those Polish Strips from the Big Box Stores!  Our wraps are not simply dried polish (which will dry out and become unusable not too long after opening them), they are ultra thin vinyl which means they will be good to go for years when stored properly.

Another thing I love is demonstrated on my pinkie and index fingers. That is not one, but TWO wraps layered over our Kiss Lacquer! The Clear Wraps offer endless possibilities for creating completely unique looks for your nails! You can wear them alone, layer them over lacquers, gels, or other wraps.  You can even cut them up to create accents on your nail!  Talk about Flexibility!

Finally, the silver on my middle finger is Birthday Bash TruShine Gel Enamel.  So in one manicure, I have mixed Wraps, Lacquers AND Gels to get the look I wanted. Our products mix and match so perfectly, it makes doing a Mixed Mani as easy as 1, 2, 3! Since I am a Mixed Mani kind of gal, I love the fact that when I find a wrap I can’t wait to wear, there is ALWAYS another wrap, lacquer or gel color that matches PERFECTLY!

Want to have your own personal style right at your fingertips?  Check out My Site and see everything Jamberry has to offer.  I am sure you will find something you love!

Feel Like a Princess

So all you Disney Fans…I have good news and bad news. The BAD news is that along with all the other wraps retiring at the end of this month, many of our current Disney Collection by Jamberry Wraps will be retiring too. This includes the Disney Collection Volume 3, (Pocahontas, Lion King, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella) Disney Collection Volume 4, (The Villains) Disney Collection Ariel, and Disney Collection Frozen.

Now for the GOOD News! There are ALL NEW Disney Collection by Jamberry Wraps that debuted on Tuesday, February 7! Disney Princesses feature all your favorite Princesses including some familiar faces along with some new ones!Disney Princesses Ariel, Aurora, Pocahontas, Cinderella, and Snow White make repeat appearances and are joined by Disney Princesses Merida, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, and Jasmine! These come in adult as well as junior designs so just imagine how much fun these would be for a Mommy and Me Mani day!

disney-volume5_sms-icons-collections-princess-rapunzelsnowwhitetiana_013017_usca_32525845761_o   disney-volume5_sms-icons-collections-princess-meridamulanpocahontas_013017_usca_31805279894_o

disney-volume5_sms-icons-collections-princess-arielaurorajasmin_013017_usca_31836093843_o   disney-volume5_sms-icons-collections-beautynbeast_013017_usca_31805280994_o

Check out the entire Disney Collection by Jamberry and put a little touch of Magic right at your fingertips!

March StyleBox Rocks!

If you love versatile, on trend designs that can be mixed and matched and will look good with just about anything in your closet, let me show you the March StyleBox!  These wraps in White, Black, and/or Gold will be the perfect edgy, yet sophisticated finishing touch on any look!


Don’t forget, with our new “Month to Month” option, you no longer have to prepay months up front to start your subscription!  If there is ever a month you don’t like, you can skip a month or gift it to a friend!  The other big change to our StyleBox is that you no longer have to choose just Trendy, Classic or Feminine.  Now you can customize your box by choosing any 2 of the 6 Exclusive StyleBox wraps.  If that weren’t enough, you can now also add up to 8 more sheets of wraps and 4 lacquers or gels to be shipped with your StyleBox with no additional shipping charges.  Did I mention that StyleBox shipping is FREE!?  Oh…and for every 4 additional wraps added, the B3G1 discount applies!


If you have any questions about StyleBox or Jamberry in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to answer your questions, help you make selections, and offer tips for application and removal.  If you are ready to Start Your StyleBox Subscription, you have until February 25 to customize and make changes to your box.  You won’t be charged until the 26th and your box will ship the beginning of March. StyleBox is a GREAT way to “Keep Rockin’ Those Wraps”!

Going, Going, GONE!!

Yes, it is that time again.  We must sacrifice some of our favorite wraps, lacquers and gels to make room for brand new designs and colors coming in the Spring Catalog on March 1, 2017. As tempting as it is to “wait for the new stuff”, don’t make the mistake of letting old favorites or designs from your “want list” retire before you grab them! TRUST me! It seems like there are ALWAYS products in the new catalog that pair perfectly with something that just retired!  During my first catalog change, I made the mistake of talking myself out of several retiring designs only to kick myself later when trying to find something to pair with one of my new wraps from the new catalog.

So…here they are.  The retiring wraps, lacquers and gels.  You can find them all in the Going, Going, Gone section of My Site.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

What’s Your Sign?

Have y’all SEEN the February StyleBox? O…M…G!! I am soooo in love with these exclusive designs!  February’s StyleBox is inspired by the Zodiac!  Since I already know that there is no WAY I will be able to choose just two for my box, I am so thankful that now I can add additional wraps (including the other 4 exclusives) to my box with no additional shipping.  I am already working them into my budget!  Don’t take MY word for it…see for yourself!



Blue and Gold come together to make these wraps a celebration of the creativity and intuition of the water signs.



Be bold and channel the strength and power of the Dragon.  Red, Black and Gold unite to represent pure courage and valor that is in all of us.



Ornamental patterns paired with beautiful blossoms makes this Pink and Gold combo sweet and sassy at the same time. Perfect for the girl who is living and loving life!


To start receiving your StyleBox, just go to my site to subscribe.  You can choose a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription or now, you can just choose a month to month membership with no up front payments for upcoming months! You can skip or even gift your box any time you like and even cancel altogether whenever you like!  Don’t forget, you can also mix and match your StyleBox to your liking by choosing any 2 of the 6 exclusive wraps to start, and then adding up to 8 more wraps from a curated list (the list will include the 4 StyleBox Exclusives you did NOT choose for your standard box) and 2 Lacquers or Gel Colors with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING!!  So what are you waiting for?  You have until the 26th to edit, add to and customize your StyleBox to represent your personal style.