My Favorite GGG Looks

So there are a lot of wraps that are retiring that I am perfectly OK with seeing them go.  Some I just didn’t like from the beginning, others I WANTED to like so I tried them but they just weren’t me.  Now, I am sure that some of my “Donkey Wraps” will soon become someone else’s “Unicorn Wrap” and that is the great thing about Jamberry. There is something for everyone!

On the other hand, there are several wraps that I have worn and loved and I feel that their retirement deserves a bit of a tribute.  So…here are some of my favorite Going, Going, Gone looks and how I wore them!

Simply Daisy and Lemon Drop


I was on the fence about this wrap AND this lacquer.  I thought the yellow was too bright, the wrap too “cutesy” and I didn’t think they were “me”, but once I got it on my hands, it became one of my favorite manis EVER!  It is one of very few looks I have ever worn twice!



I absolutely LOVE this wrap!  I love the bold colors and the black outlining that just pops on the white background. I love that you can pair it with a red, like I did here, a yellow (like Lemon Drop), blue, or even black! This is one I consider a definite loss.

Ka Boom


True Confession time…I did not actually buy this wrap.  My daughter did and she gave me her “leftovers” which works well for us because the ones she leaves are the ones that I use for my mixed manis!  You can bet I WILL be ordering a sheet of these for myself before they are gone!  I wore this mani over the 4th of July and I loved it so much, I wore it a whole week longer than I usually wear a look!



This is one of those wraps that people have had definite feelings about.  Either they love it or they hate it.  Me?  I LOVE it!  While I think it is too much for a full mani using JUST the Turquoise wrap, when paired with the black and gold I think it is just PERFECTION!

So, those are just a FEW of my favorite manis using products on the Going, Going, Gone list.  There are so many great wraps and lacquers and gels on this list, I had a really hard time deciding which ones I had never tried but HAD to have, which ones I already have but need MORE, and which ones I could live without.  Unless you want to wake up on March 1st all sad and full of regret because you didn’t get this wrap or that lacquer and now it is too late, Check Out the Full List of retiring wraps and get those Must Have looks before they are gone forever!


Going, Going, GONE!!

Yes, it is that time again.  We must sacrifice some of our favorite wraps, lacquers and gels to make room for brand new designs and colors coming in the Spring Catalog on March 1, 2017. As tempting as it is to “wait for the new stuff”, don’t make the mistake of letting old favorites or designs from your “want list” retire before you grab them! TRUST me! It seems like there are ALWAYS products in the new catalog that pair perfectly with something that just retired!  During my first catalog change, I made the mistake of talking myself out of several retiring designs only to kick myself later when trying to find something to pair with one of my new wraps from the new catalog.

So…here they are.  The retiring wraps, lacquers and gels.  You can find them all in the Going, Going, Gone section of My Site.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Tick Tock…

Ok Gang…this is it!  The very last day to get those retiring wraps and lacquers!  As I have said before, once they are gone, they are GONE!


There is no “consultants only” source where I can order these products for you tomorrow.  As a consultant, I don’t have access to any wraps or lacquers that you don’t have access to.  We are under the very same deadline as all of you!  This is my 4th Catalog change over I have been through since becoming a Jamberry Consultant, and it never fails.  Tomorrow, my consultant group will be filled with posts from other consultants looking for this wrap or that lacquer that just retired because a customer forgot to get her order in, or worse, talked herself out of something that she wishes she wouldn’t have.  Please do NOT let this happen to you!  Check out all the retiring wraps in the Going, Going, Gone category…look through the Lacquers and pay attention with the ones that have the red “Retiring Soon” banner on them.  Those will all be gone tomorrow!

Something else that will be gone tomorrow, The USA Relief Wraps.  Not only are these wraps absolutely GORGEOUS, they are for a great cause!  Over the past couple of months, the US Red Cross has been very busy helping people in California, Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, and even here in my own state of Indiana.  Floods and Fires have put so many people out of their homes, families have lost everything.  For every one of these wraps sold, Jamberry will donate $3.00 to the Red Cross so that they can continue to help these families begin to rebuild their lives.  Not only do I have mine, I am currently wearing them!  I mixed them with a StyleBox Wrap from long ago, and Diamond Dust Sparkle


Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on any of these wonderful wraps!  You can order direct from My Site, or you can contact me through my Facebook Page, or the Contact Info on the right and I will be more than happy to assist you!  Time is running out!

Something Wonderful This Way Comes

Oh My!  I will admit to a severe attack of procrastination here. This post has been a while coming.  It isn’t that I don’t love y’all and want to share all the latest and greatest in Jamberryland with you…it is just that there is so MUCH awesomeness to share, I was having a hard time deciding where to begin.  I guess the best thing to do is just jump in and go for it!

Speaking of “Going“, it is that time of year again.  Several older wraps and a couple of lacquers are retiring to make way for the new goodies in the Fall catalog that goes live on September 1st.  To that end, I will just leave this little vid right here. (***Warning*** There is a buzz in there that is quite annoying. I have no idea where it came from or what caused it.  It only lasts for a few seconds tho but still…so I apologize in advance)

So…next up…Natural Disasters.  This country has seen a lot of them as of late.  We have massive wild fires burning in California, epic flooding in Louisiana and Texas and even right here in Indiana.  West Virginia is STILL trying to put themselves back together after floods swept through parts of that state earlier this Spring.  The Red Cross has been there through it all.  Earlier this year, a wrap was released to assist with the Red Cross in Canada helping those who were affected by the Fort McMurray fires.  In order to act quickly, Jamberry has re-released this wrap but this time, the proceeds will go to the Red Cross right here in the US.  If you missed out the first time, or even if you just want another sheet of this gorgeous wrap, you can order them on My Site, or you can contact me for ordering options.


Next, I just want to let you know that there are BIG changes coming to the Nail Art Studio in September!  I can tell you that this is a change that consultants have been BEGGING for and customers are going to LOVE!!  No more waiting for a designer to get an order together because she is the only one who can actually order her designs, no more waiting for the wraps to ship to her and then to you.  No more buying Gift Certificates from your consultant so that she gets credit for the actual sale and then having her pass the code to the one who will be ordering. All of that is about to change!  With the new NAS system, you will be able to order custom wraps from ANY designer (who has made them public) right from your consultants page just like you would any other wraps.  They will be shipped from Jamberry straight to your door!  Also…even NON Consultants will be able to make a little extra $$ by creating and selling their OWN designs!  I am so not kidding!  This is HUGE y’all!  While this change hasn’t taken place just yet across Jamberryland, there ARE a lucky few who have been given access to the new system so that they can test and play and work out any kinks before it rolls out for everyone.  If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me for details.  Of course, nothing is stopping you from designing NOW in preparation!!  You can get started here in the Nail Art Studio!

Don’t Miss Out!!

With all the excitement of the Tracy Reese Collection and the Disney Collection by Jamberry that have been released in the past couple of weeks plus the fact that the brand new Spring 2016 Catalog will be launching in just 10 days or so, it is tempting to opt out of ordering any of the retiring wraps and instead, wait for the new catalog or choose something from one of the New Collections.  Well, I am here to tell you why you should NOT skip the Going, Going, Gone products!


First of all, I need to tell you that in Jamberryland, when something is retired, that doesn’t mean that it is taking a break or that it is still there in some secret stash that we consultants can order from even if you as a customer can’t.  When Jamberry retires a wrap, that wrap is GONE! FOREVER!  NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN!  This is my third catalog change and I am here to tell you from experience, there is no worse feeling when it comes to nail wraps than to wake up on the first day of the NEW catalog and realize that you really DO want those wraps you talked yourself out of ordering yesterday before they retired.  Apparently, I am not the only one.  Every time, for the first week or two of the new catalog, the Consultant groups are full of posts from consultants looking to trade someone a new wrap for this now retired wrap or that one because a customer decided AFTER it was gone that she really DID want it after all.  Sometimes that wrap can be located, but most of the time it can’t.  Even if someone has it in their stash, that wrap is now retired so the person who has it is probably less likely to part with it.

Now, like I said, it can be tempting, especially in the last week or two before the New Catalog launches to think “Oh…I will just wait for the new stuff!”  BAD IDEA!!  Yeah, new stuff is exciting and fun, but the thing is, the NEW stuff will be around for at LEAST 6 months!  The retiring wraps, they are coming to the end of their time.  As I write this post, there are only about 10 days left to get the retiring wraps from the Fall catalog.  Think about that…10 DAYS vs. 6 MONTHS.  The other thing about the new catalog coming out is that it never seems to fail; every blessed time I have talked myself out of a retiring wrap, there is something in the new catalog that would go with that wrap PERFECTLY!  Of course, I end up kicking myself because I am too late to get it!

Then of course there are those wraps that are just favorites.  It is easy to tell yourself, “Oh…I don’t need to get another sheet of those! I still have a 1/2 sheet from last time!”  Trust me..if they are a favorite, STOCK UP!  Believe me, you will way sorrier if you don’t than you will be if you do!  Case in point, Black and White Skinny.  It is on the retiring list, but it is also my all time favorite Go To wrap for doing mixed mani’s.  Now, I have a sheet with just 1 wrap used…but you can bet I will be ordering at LEAST 1 more sheet!

Earlier I mentioned the release of the Disney Collection by Jamberry.  If you have any of those wraps on your Must Have list, I strongly urge you to take a look at the Going, Going, Gone category in my store with those in mind.  There are a lot of the retiring wraps that would go PERFECTLY with the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps!  Take a look at just a FEW of the pairings I am planning using the retiring wraps!

Fairy Tale Endings and Wild Child

24530772919_dbcd74ca67_oWild Child

Mickey’s Girl with Poppy and White Polka

24898383765_81981bf6f9_oPoppy Polka

Sea of Dreams and Splish Splash


Rockin’ My Dots and Black and White Skinny

24780458082_7e7a9a02c8_oBlack and WhiteSkinny

Now, keep in mind…these are just a few examples of the GGG Wraps that will look FABULOUS with the Disney Collection by Jamberry.  I am sure if you look, you can come up with more!

Basically, I would just really hate to see someone talk herself OUT of a retiring wrap only to regret it after March 1st gets here.  If you would like to see more pairings, or if you would like a suggestion for matching up the Going, Going, Gone wraps, let me know! I am always more than happy to help!

The Rest…of the Story…

For the past few days, I have showed you the retiring Jamberry Products based on what I am sad or surprised to see go.  There are SO many more.  I have decided that I will show you the rest today only commenting on a few.  Some I already have and aren’t in love with them enough to need more than the sheet or half sheet currently in my stash, and some just aren’t my cup of tea…but that doesn’t mean that some of these won’t send YOU running to My Site to stock up! That is the wonderful thing about having over 300 Wraps and almost 50 lacquers to choose from!  There really IS something for everyone! Is YOUR style here in today’s post?


I got a little upset when I first saw this! I absolutely LOVE the Lacquer Remover (It removes wraps like a DREAM as well!) and the Nail Cleanser! Turns out tho that while they are retiring these bottles, they aren’t retiring what is inside! YAY! They are actually changing the bottle so that it locks closed to reduce spills, AND the bottles will be a little bigger and contain more product!  But, the price WILL be going up by a couple of dollars to make that happen.  Just so you know.



While this Colour Suite, Fairy Tale, is retiring, 2 of the colors will still be available.  Flirt and the Glitter Effect Top Coat will still be available.  Mulberry however, is retiring.  Morning Mist (the blue color) is exclusive to this set and cannot be purchased seperately.  If you are a fan of this set, and the 2 retiring colors especially, don’t wait.  Retiring Lacquer are on a “While Supplies Last” basis.

Now, to browse through at your liesure, are the rest of the retiring wraps!

If you have any questions about these, or any other designs or products, please contact me using the contact info on this blog.  Of course you can always reach me on my Jamberry Page on Facebook!  Happy Shopping Everyone!


A Little Giggle

Yup…this pretty much sums up how I became a consultant! LoLBuyAllJams

Is your Jamberry Wishlist Bigger than YOUR Wallet??  Do you want to make some extra cash while earning FREE Jamberry Products?  Maybe you just want something that will get you out of the house every now and then.  Contact Me if you would like to learn more, or you can go to My Site to learn more about Joining My Jamberry Team!  If the FAQ doesn’t answer all of your questions, I will be glad to talk with you via chat, phone, e-mail or text! If you live in Australia or New Zealand, I would love to see my team go Global!  With the “Going, Going, Gone!” push really gearing up in just a few days, and the New Catalog just around the corner, this is a FABULOUS time to join!!

Going, Going, Gone…Juniors

It isn’t just the adult designs that are being retired to make way for new.  The Junior Wraps are taking a hit this time around as well!  Of course, that means that there will be all NEW Junior Designs, but at the moment, that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to some old favorites.  Take a look at today’s post and check to see if there are any Must Haves that you need to grab for your little angel before February is over!


Sadly, I don’t have any little girls of my own anymore, but that doesn’t mean I am not sad to see some of these go!  On this image, Boardwalk cuts me the deepest.  Having ordered a sheet of these (which I presented to a “Little Helper” at one of my in-home parties) I can tell you they are ADORABLE!  Honestly, I had plans to use these for a pedicure (the smaller size means no cutting to fit those little piggies!) but when the daughter of my hostess fell in love with them, I couldn’t blame her and the look on her face when I gave them to her was totally worth it!  Even MORE worth it was when I ran into them in a local store a few weeks later and she ran up to me to show me that she was wearing them on her nails!  Whether your own Little Helper likes the bright colors of Boardwalk, the whimsy of ABC 123, or the fun of Spotted Waldo, you can’t go wrong with a gift of Jamberry JuniorOut 24160128999_deabdcce64_o

Out of these three soon to be gone designs, I think I am going to miss seeing Flower Patch the most.  Something about the colors and the design just makes me smile!  Honestly tho, I have always wished they made an adult version of the polka dot wrap that is featured on the Sly as a Fox.  I always thought Mod Love would be perfect for those little girls who are at that “In-Between” place.  Not big enough to wear the adult size wraps, but old enough to want something not so “cutesy” either.


As you can see on this image, we are losing some Mommy and Me designs as well!  I have several customers that will be sad to see this one go!  Army Camo (Adult Wrap) and Camo Kids have been favorites of some of the amazing ladies on my list.  If like them, you are a supporter of our Military, or just love the look of camo, these designs are ones to stock up on before the end of February!


At first glance, these may make you think “Valentine’s Day”, and while they ARE the perfect wrap for the Day of Love…is there really a BAD time to wear your heart on your sleeve…or your nails as the case may be?  Matchmaker and First Crush (another Mommy and Me Manicure) will be gone at the end of February along with Cupid!

It seems like there are a ton of favorites going this time around…and I am not finished yet!  There are still a few more designs that we will be saying good bye to.  If you see something you know you have to have before it is gone, you can order direct from My Site, or, if you prefer, contact me and I will be happy to place an order for you.  Don’t forget, these are all Buy 3 Get 1 Free and you can mix and match Junior and Adult Sizes!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2

So I promised MORE Going, Going, Gone images…and so you shall have them.  I showed you some of the ones that I am truly sorry to see go.  Today, let’s talk about some of the ones that I never really paid attention to before, but now that I know they won’t be there after February 29, they are definitely on my radar!


Of the three in this picture, I have Good Vibes and have never used them, so I am ok there…but check out Gray Matters! I am thinking that maybe I need those to USE with Good Vibes!  Again…it’s the whole “Black and White” obsession, I know. But I just can’t help myself.  I am also thinking that while I have Raven Lacquer if I want a solid black…it isn’t metallic!  Tungsten is!  Yeah.  I think I may need the first 2 on this image to go with the third one that I already have!


Understand, I have NEVER been an overly huge fan of a lot of the Floral Wraps…I think that they are pretty…but most are a bit to “busy” for my taste and style to wear on all my fingers.  Then, I started mixing them in w/ other wraps and lacquers for mixed mani’s and now all those lovely florals that were never on my list have worked their way onto it.  Faded Bouquet is one that is closer to the top of that list!  Now that it is going, I see it making a huge leap to the VERY top of my list!  As for Arcade and Icy Berry Polka, well, seeing them side by side with Faded Bouquet, I am thinking these would be PERFECT accents for a Mixed Mani that features Faded Bouquet!


Another Floral that I had put on my “Maybe” list that is now on my “Gotta Have It List” is Reminisce.  I think it is the black background that does it for me on this one.  Then there is Chasse.  That one has been on my “Maybe” list as well.  Needless to say, it also is getting promoted!  While I think I will be able to let Boysenberry Chevron go personally, I know that there are fans of deep purple/burgundy out there that are going to be sad to see this one leave!


Again, Pretty in Pink I have, but haven’t worn yet, so it would be silly of me to pitch a fit over this one.  Spearhead and Found...well, maybe a LITTLE fit!  Spearhead is another that wasn’t on my list, but the more I look at the funky herringbone pattern, the more I think it SHOULD be!  And Found? Well, come ON! It is funky black and pink leopard spots on a clear background!  What’s NOT to love!?


There is just one in this image that I am considering grabbing, and that is Icy Gold and Silver Polka.  There is something about the simple elegance of it that is really making me think it needs to be in my stash!  Tapestry, while interesting, just isn’t my cup of tea.  Almond, also a GREAT accent for so many of our wraps just isn’t one of my normal color choices.  I will be able to let those two go without a fuss I think.

Lot’s of great looks are going, and I haven’t even shown you half of them yet!  There will be more in the days to come so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if there is something you have questions about or if you would like to TRY A SAMPLE…just let me know! I will be more than happy to help!