Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing major to report, no special announcements to make.  I just wanted to say have a great day and be sure to spread a little love.  OK…since this IS my Jamberry Blog, I guess I kinda wanted to show off my Valentine’s Mani too.


This particular mani kind of combines several of the things I LOVE about Jamberry (see what I did there? LoL)  First, you may notice that other than the Silver Stripe, these are not current wraps!  Nope! The wrap on my ring finger (Love Letters) and the wrap overlaying the Silver Stripe are both at LEAST a year old! Try THAT with those Polish Strips from the Big Box Stores!  Our wraps are not simply dried polish (which will dry out and become unusable not too long after opening them), they are ultra thin vinyl which means they will be good to go for years when stored properly.

Another thing I love is demonstrated on my pinkie and index fingers. That is not one, but TWO wraps layered over our Kiss Lacquer! The Clear Wraps offer endless possibilities for creating completely unique looks for your nails! You can wear them alone, layer them over lacquers, gels, or other wraps.  You can even cut them up to create accents on your nail!  Talk about Flexibility!

Finally, the silver on my middle finger is Birthday Bash TruShine Gel Enamel.  So in one manicure, I have mixed Wraps, Lacquers AND Gels to get the look I wanted. Our products mix and match so perfectly, it makes doing a Mixed Mani as easy as 1, 2, 3! Since I am a Mixed Mani kind of gal, I love the fact that when I find a wrap I can’t wait to wear, there is ALWAYS another wrap, lacquer or gel color that matches PERFECTLY!

Want to have your own personal style right at your fingertips?  Check out My Site and see everything Jamberry has to offer.  I am sure you will find something you love!


August StyleBox: Dare to Bare!

If you are a huge fan of the clear wraps like I am, you are going to be just as excited by the August StyleBox as I am!  The Dare to Bare box offers 3 different looks to wear alone or layer over your other favorite wraps, lacquers and gels!  The only thing I DON’T love is having to decide which one to choose!

To start YOUR StyleBox subscription, just go to My Jamberry Page and fill out the little questionnaire to determine which look is “you”.  Don’t worry tho! If you don’t agree with the results or like a different box better, you can choose which box to get each month by going to your StyleBox Account page!  I get a different one every month it seems! What if there is a month where you don’t particularly care for any of them? No worries there either! You can skip a month each quarter or you can even gift your box to someone who you think would LOVE it!  I have been getting StyleBox for over a year now and I have yet to even CONSIDER stopping my subscription! Who doesn’t love $30 in exclusive Jamberry Product for only $25 plus free shipping delivered right to their mailbox every month!?


Perfect Pairings: Fresh and Flamingo

Ready for some more “Perfect Pairings”?  Good!  Today, I thought I would offer some suggestions to wear with 2 of my personal favorites from the TruShine Gel Enamel Collection!  Fresh and Flamingo.  They are two VERY different colors but I love them both!  I guess one speaks to my Sweet Side, and the other to my Sassy Side!

First, we have Fresh TruShine Gel Enamel.  A soft pastel somewhere between mint green and turquoise, it is both elegant and on trend.  May I suggest pairing it with one of the following: Ferris Wheel, Hopscotch, Destiny or Sweet Whimsy.


Next up is Flamingo TruShine Gel! Bold, bright and just too much fun!  Want your nails to get noticed?  Try pairing Flamingo with Sweet Surprise, Art Class, Flirty Leopard, or Overlap!


Don’t forget! If you have any questions or just want to say “Hi”, I love hearing from new friends! You can contact me with the info on the right, go to my profile on My Jamberry Site, or find me on Facebook! Until next time…Keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!

Perfect Pairings: Black Cherry and Beta

I am back with a couple of more wrap/gel matches for all of you out there who like me, LOVE the TruShine Gel Enamels, but are addicted to the Jamberry Nail Wraps!  By mixing and matching, you can have the best of both worlds!!

I thought since Black Cherry comes in every TruShine Gel Enamel Kit, it would be a good idea to show you some wraps that will look AMAZING when paired with the color in your brand new kit!  For this one, I chose Tartan, Lava Lamp (because this color really pops when paired with simple Black and White designs), La Fleur and Moab.

Black Cherry

Next up is Beta! I have to admit, I don’t own this one yet, but it is definitely on my Must Have List!  This one would look gorgeous with so many wraps, I had a hard time picking my favorites to include on the graphic!!  I ended up choosing Highlander, Fractal, Copenhagen and Tiki Hut.


Remember, these aren’t the ONLY matches for these awesome gels, but they should give you a good jumping off point for your next mixed mani! Don’t be afraid to shake things up and make them your own!  I would LOVE to see pics of your favorite gel/wrap combos! Contact me using the info on the right, find me on Facebook, or go to My Jamberry Site! I would love to hear from you! Until next time, Keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!

Perfect Pairings: Beauty Sleep

Hello!  So here I am back from Vacation and trying to get back  into the groove. While I was away, my internet access was VERY limited, but I did manage to connect a couple of times just to check messages and keep an eye on my business.  During one of those times, I received a lovely e-mail from a woman named Sharon who had found my blog post about different ways to wear the TruShine Gel System.  One of the things she said inspired me.  She said that she has a hard time matching wraps and gels online since you can’t place them side by side.  So, I decided that until we get a “Looks Great With” button on the Jamberry Site to offer pairing suggestions, I would create my own!  In her e-mail, this wonderful woman indicated that she was looking at the Beauty Sleep and Beta Gel Colors.  Well, Sharon, as promised here is the first of my “Perfect Pairings” posts!  Today, I offer suggestions for Beauty Sleep.  While Damsel in Distress, Trippin’, Butterfly Bliss, and Speed of Light are not the ONLY options…they are among my personal favorites.


I also want to share with you how I paired Beauty Sleep!  Since I have had it for over a month but had yet to wear it, I figured no time like the present!  I decided to do some layering as well!  I chose to pair Beauty Sleep with Dancing Lilacs (a clear wrap) over Country Club and added Metro in the mix!


As always, you can contact me with the info on the right, find me on Facebook, or contact me through My Jamberry Site. I would love to hear from you! Let me know how YOU paired Beauty Sleep, tell me what TruShine Gel Color you would like suggestions for, or just say hello!  Until next time gang, keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!

May StyleBox: All That Glitters + Bonus Lacquer + Special Offer from ME!

WHAT??  You have been drooling over the StyleBox images and vids for months now but you STILL haven’t started your subscription?  Well…looks like this is the PERFECT time to fix that!!  May’s StyleBox, All That Glitters, not only gives you 3 GORGEOUS choices, but this month, each box comes with a free lacquer!!  That is $45 retail value for only $25 (or less)!!  PLUS, if you Start Your Subscription with me before May 15, 2016 you will also receive a FREE GIFT from ME!!!  More about that later tho…right now, I want to show you your StyleBox Options for May.  The Gold Colored Lacquer shown on the models is the free lacquer included in each box!







Getting started is easy! Just go to My Site and take a short quiz to determine your style (don’t worry…you can choose whatever StyleBox you like best each month regardless of the outcome of the little quiz).  Then, just choose the length of your initial subscription…3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  The longer your subscription, the more you save!  After your initial subscription is up, you can cancel, resubscribe for more savings, or do nothing and you will continue to receive your StyleBox each month for only $25 plus tax (billed to the card you use to sign up, but you can change that as well!)


Now, here is where the special offer from ME comes into play!!  If you subscribe for 3 months, you will get a Free Application Kit w/out Cuticle Oil.  Subscribe for 6 months and get a Free Mini Heater!!  Subscribe for 1 year and get a Deluxe Tool Kit!!  Remember, you must subscribe through me by May 15.  So…what are you waiting for??  Head on over to the StyleBox Page of My Site and get started TODAY!!!  If you subscribe before the 1st of May, your StyleBox will ship in the first week of May, if you start between the 1st and the 15th, it will ship on or around the 20th.  The sooner you subscribe, the sooner these goodies are in and on your hands!!

The Wearin’ O’ the…FLOWERS??

Hi! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all!  May your pockets be heavy, may your heart be light. May Good Luck pursue you each morning and night!  (Yeah…totally copied that off my FB wall! LoL)

You are probably expecting me to show you a pic of me Sham-Rockin’ some St. Patty’s Day Wraps (see what I did there…SHAM-Rockin’? LoL)  Well, I WAS Sporting the whole Green and Gold thing with my Bit O’ Luck Wraps…but I took those off Tuesday night.

Bit O Luck

WHY, you may ask, would I take off those gorgeous wraps just 2 days before the Holiday they were intended for?  Well…the pull of the Countryside was just far too strong! LoL  You see…later the same day I put those wraps on, I got my first NEW catalog order in the mail.  Along with the new Deluxe Tool Kit and the Sister Style Exclusive, Color Crush (even MORE gorgeous in person BTW) I got 3 of the New Designs!  I couldn’t fight it any longer! I just HAD to give Countryside a whirl!!  Of course, you know me well enough by now that I had to do a mixed mani!!  So I paired Countryside with Metro and TruShine Candy Apple Gel Enamel.  Yup…I am in LOVE with this “Jamicure”!


If you haven’t seen all of the fabulous new looks in the Spring 2016 catalog, CLICK HERE and see for yourself!  So many of the new designs I want…er…NEED!  I have a feeling my fingers are going to be a revolving door of wraps for the next month or so!  Wait…what’s that I hear? Is that Square Dance calling my name BEGGING to be worn? Or maybe it was Overlap taunting me with how amazing it would look over the Flamingo Gel Enamel?  Yeah…those are in there waiting for me too!


 What?  Picnic Party, Trippin‘ and Butterfly Bliss is scheduled to be delivered on Friday??


 AAAAHHHHHH!!!  What’s a girl to DO?? I don’t suppose anyone has a couple of fingers I can borrow…I think I am going to need a few extras!  I simply do NOT have enough of my own to wear all these gorgeous wraps fast enough! LoL

I Am Rockin’ My Dots!

Before I get back to showing off some of the amazing new designs from the Spring Catalog, I wanted to show you my latest Jamicure!  Now, I am ALWAYS Rockin’ the Wraps…but now I have taken it one step further and am Rockin’ My Dots Straight from the Disney Collection by Jamberry!!  Now that I have gotten my hands on these (and these on my hands! LoL) I just have 3 words…MUST…HAVE…MORE!!!!!


Be sure to check out all the wraps in the Disney Collection by Jamberry! As always, if you have any questions you can contact me through the info on this site of find me on Facebook!  Want to try Jamberry Nail Wraps for yourself? Just Request a Sample!

New Wraps From the Runway

As promised, I am back with some of my favorite looks from the new Spring Catalog!  Let’s look at From the Runway.  This is where you will find all the hottest trends and styles from the fashion world!


My favorite looks include  Countryside w/ We’re Blushing (TruShine Gel Enamel), Dream Come True w/ Denim Chic, Creme de la Creme w/ Fashionably Late (TruShine Gel Enamel), and Shenanigans with Zest (Lacquer)


See ALL the wraps in the From the Runway Collection

Snow Much for Spring!

Last weekend here in Indiana, the temps climbed into the high 50’s and even made it into the low 60’s in some areas.  I thought Spring was going to make an early entrance and I couldn’t have been happier!  Of course, having lived in Indiana all my life I should have known better!  That’s right folks…the Snow she’s a comin’!  Right now, they are predicting that my area will get between 4 and 10 inches between tomorrow and Thursday.

On the bright side, I thought I had messed around and missed my chance to wear the last of my Winter Wraps.  Thanks to the fickle Indiana climate…I get one last chance!  Ahhhh…the weather in Indiana.  You can’t beat it…EMBRACE it! LoL

Serene Snow (Retired) over Diamond Dust Sparkle, with a Touch of Sparkle for added bling, Raven Lacquer and Graphite Trushine Gel Enamel.  TruShine Base and Top Coat over the wraps.

Serene Snow