Hey Pretty Lady, What’s Your Sign?


Available today at 9:00 a.m. MT, Jamberry introduces their new VERY LIMITED EDITION Zodiac Collection! Featuring 12 gorgeous designs, this collection was thoughtfully crafted to embody each of the lunar zodiac signs and defining characteristics. We have limited quantities of each sign’s wrap so they could sell out at different times. If a wrap doesn’t sell out, it will retire on Friday, June 30 at 11:59 p.m. MT.    These are eligible for B3G1, Hostess Rewards, and 1/2 off Booking Rewards!  Just go to My Site and select Zodiac Collection from the Collections List and find your sign.



The Original Boss Babe!

Hello my lovelies! I know it has been a while and for that, I am sorry. Today tho, something SO cool came across the wire in Jamberryland, I just HAD to share!  As of today, a whole NEW Collection by Jamberry is available. I am thrilled to present, The Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry!



These, like several of our other Premium Wraps are included in our Buy 3 Get 1 Offer!  You can mix and match these with other premium wraps such as Disney Collection by Jamberry, Peanuts Collection by Jamberry, Marvel by Jamberry, NFL Collection by Jamberry, and NBA Collection by Jamberry, or with regular catalog wraps!  Show off the Boss Babe you KNOW you are!


Today is the happiest of days in Jamberryland! It is Launch Day!  Our Spring 2017 Catalog JUST WENT LIVE!  I am here to tell you, this catalog is AMAZING! I am so excited I can hardly stand it there are so many wonderful things this time around!  From wrap designs that are on trend, fabulous new lacquer and gel colors, to the all new Indulgence Foot Care Set, I can’t decide what I need first!   Here are just a few of my favorite things!



Oh…and that new Indulgence Foot Care Set?  It comes in this ADORABLE little travel bag!  Perfect timing to start getting those pretty little piggies Sandal Weather Ready!


So I have given you a little taste, but you can see it ALL by visiting My Site. If you prefer, you can also view a digital copy of the new Spring 2017 Catalog!  As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me! I would love to help!

Beat Those Blues

Christmas…DONE! The New Year…IT’S HERE! After Holiday “Blahs”…FORGET THEM!  I don’t know about you, but after all the hoopla of December, this is usually the time of year I find myself feeling kind of out of it.  It is just kind of a let down.  I go from having something to do or somewhere to go and being surrounded by lights, color and sparkle every single day then BOOM! Back to my “real life”.  If you are feeling the same, I think I can help!  To beat my Post Holiday Blues, I am turning to Jamberry and so can you!  Here are 5 ways Jamberry can turn your “funk” into FUN

1.New Holidays!

As much as it can seem like it, Christmas isn’t the ONLY holiday on the calendar. Before long, the romance of Valentine’s Day, the fun of St. Patrick’s Day and the promise of Easter will be here.  Jamberry has you covered! Brand new designs for the spring holidays are available NOW!  You can see them all on My Site. BTW…the Fall, Christmas and Winter wraps are still there for now…but they will be gone VERY SOON so you may want to stock up now!

2. Give Something Back

Every year, the American Heart Association puts a spotlight on heart disease in women. Jamberry is proud to be supporting the American Heart Association by donating a portion of the proceeds from three special (and beautiful) wraps. For every Heart Health Awareness Wrap sold from January 3, 2017 to March 31, 2017, Jamberry will donate $2 to the American Heart Association in support of the Go Red For Women movement.


3. Give YOURSELF a Gift!

For the past month (or more) we have been running around trying to find that perfect gift for everyone in our lives.  Now how about giving yourself a gift every month from now on? StyleBox is a great way to get some GORGEOUS exclusive products at a fabulous price! And now, with all the changes we have made to StyleBox, you can customize your box every month by choosing any 2 of the 6 exclusives and even add wraps, lacquers and gels to your box to complete your look and still keep the FREE SHIPPING! February is a great month to start your subscription with designs inspired by the Zodiac.  If you would like to learn more about the new StyleBox, you can contact me with the info on the right or through My Page.31134778973_7e421691b1_o

4. Reconnect With Friends

Now that the stress of the holidays are over, it is a good time to blow off some steam. What better way to do just that than with a Girl’s Night?! When you Book a Jamberry Party, not only do you get time to hang with the girls, you can also earn some amazing Jamberry products for FREE! Whether you party in person or online, I promise if you party with me, we are going to have some SERIOUS fun! Don’t forget, qualifying parties will not just earn free catalog products, but you could earn, 1, 2, or all 3 of these exclusive Hostess Designs!

30970734224_40c167d427_o 5. New Year, New Business

For the ULTIMATE kick off to the New Year, why not give yourself the opportunity to make new friends, earn extra income, and have something that is your own? When you become a Jamberry Consultant, the potential is unlimited and how far you take it is completely up to you.  I am not going to tell you that “It Sells Itself” or that within months, you will be paying off your mortgage and buying new cars.  I WILL tell you that you will get out what you put in and even though it won’t always be easy, the feeling you get when those little wins happen is the ultimate high.  I will also tell you that part of the rewards of being a consultant is the amazing women you will meet that will help you, support you, and cheer you on every step of the way.  Don’t worry, I am not talking “Cult Girls” here. I am talking REAL women who come from every situation in life you can imagine. Among the women I can now count as friends, there are single working moms, stay at home moms, newlyweds, professional, corporate types, a dental hygienist (MY hygienist in fact! LoL) and even a working actress!  If you would like more information, you can contact me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions, offer guidance and help you in any way I can.


So, kiss those Blues good-bye with Jamberry! Whether you go for a New Manicure or a whole New Business, start 2017 off with style!

Black Friday Weekend is Almost Here!

So…who is ready to shop??  Once you see what Jamberry has planned for this weekend, I m betting you will be!  So…lots to share! Let’s get right to it, shall we??


This year, we are doing what we are calling “Black Friday Weekend With a Twist”!  We have several items that will be available all weekend (some while supplies last), but we have special items and offers just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  First, what is available all weekend long!

Available Friday, November 25 9 a.m. (MT) through Tuesday, November 29 at 8:59 a.m. (MT)

As usual, Jamberry is bringing back EVERY Sister Style Exclusive from the past year!  Those SSE’s you missed or wish you would have gotten one more sheet of? Well now is your chance!  They are all here!

So…what’s the Twist?  Well, Jamberry has taken each of these already gorgeous designs and revamped them with new colors!

OH! But that isn’t all!!  While supplies last, you also have 3 Exclusive wraps designed just for this weekend!  PLUS, choose from 2 exclusive lacquers (Teal the Show and Heirloom) and a gel (Aubergine)!

That’s right…ALL of this will be available ALL WEEKEND LONG!  BUT…there has to be SOMETHING that makes Black Friday a little special, right?  Don’t worry…we got you covered!

Available Friday, November 25 9 a.m. (MT) through Saturday, November 26 at 8:59 a.m. (MT)


So…what about Cyber Monday?  Yup…we have something special there too!

Available Monday, November 28 9 a.m. (MT) through Tuesday, November 29 at 8:59 a.m. (MT)

How about 3 MORE Exclusive Wraps and another exclusive lacquer (Siren) and gel (Intergalactic Blue)?  OK…you got it!

Hang on…we aren’t done YET!


WHEW!!  I know that is a lot to take in…but it is going to be a big weekend!!  As always, I am available to answer your questions, help you make your selections, or help you mix and match for the look you want! To make it even easier, you are all invited to join my Black Friday with a Twist Event on Facebook!  To see EVERYTHING we have to offer, check out My Site. You can order direct or I would be happy to help you place your order!

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

So…LOTS of Big Things happening today in Jamberryland and this is just the first!  Hang with me today, I will probably break things down over a couple of different posts because there is just so much!!

First of all, I am OVER THE MOON about the release of a whole New Disney Collection by Jamberry!!  They are mean and nasty! Some are rotten to the core! These ladies are downright WICKED and evil…but our favorite stories wouldn’t be the same without them!  I am talking of course about Disney Villains!



Want to see something REALLY Cool??  The One Bad Apple, Mistress of All Evil and Mistress of All Evil Jr wraps GLOW IN THE DARK!!  Seriously! How awesome do those look?

Disney Villains are pretty awesome, but What is This?!!  What would you say to some Nightmare Before Christmas designs to adorn your nails?  Well, go ahead and say it…because Jamberry has them!!  Now, I am not a HUGE fan of the movie, but I have to say, these wraps are just about too much fun to resist!


These are available RIGHT NOW!!  If you want them in time for Halloween, better hurry!

Like I said…stay tuned…there is more to come!

Available NOW! Disney Collection by Jamberry Volume 3

Break out the Fairy Dust, and make your selections before the clock strikes 12! The Disney Collection by Jamberry Volume 3 is now available!  These wraps feature some of your, well, MY favorite characters from the Wonderful World of Disney.  Disney Tinkerbell, Disney Princess Cinderella, Disney Lion King and Disney Princess Pocahontas are ready to adorn your nails.  Of course, we have the little ones covered too!  Be sure to check out the Disney Kids Collection to see all of their favorite characters featured on Junior Size Wraps!

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL??

Looking for a way to show your team spirit that does NOT involve body paint, hats shaped like cheese wedges, or giant foam fingers?  I have the answer!  That’s right, Jamberry has collaborated with the NFL to bring you the officially licensed NFL Collection by Jamberry!  All your favorite teams are available to make sure your nails are Game Day Ready!  Whether you are cheering from the stands, watching from the local pub, or simply gathered with friends in your own living room, you can show your team spirit WITHOUT giving up your keen sense of style and taste!

If you are like me and have more than one team you root for (Go Colts AND Broncos!!) I have good news!!  Even though these wraps are considered premium wraps and are priced at $18 a sheet, they CAN be included in the B3G1 Free Offer!  So get a set for you, get a set for a friend, or select coordinating wraps to kick it up to a mixed mani!  Check out the entire collection, pick your team and just like that, Game Day has Never Looked So Good!





#TellYourStory : Help Fight Breast Cancer

Sad, but true, we all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, friend, or even you — breast cancer knows no bounds. It does not discriminate. People of all colors, religions, and even men have been affected by this disease.  Enough is enough! It is time to put a stop to it! That’s why Jamberry has partnered with the American Cancer Society in the US, along with similar organizations in Canada and Australia to bring you the Tell Your Story Collection. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of the five wraps in the collection will be donated to the these organizations to help fight breast cancer through research and prevention.

***NOTE: At the time this was published, the images on the Jamberry Site are not working properly.  However, they ARE available for purchase and the images will be fixed soon.  I apologize for the inconvenience.***


In addition to research and prevention, it is also so important to share our stories.  With that in mind, those who have battled this disease firsthand, or through a loved one are encouraged to share their stories using #TellYourStory. You never know, the story you share could bring much needed hope and comfort to someone who is in the fight of their life against this terrible disease or watching someone they love go through this battle.

acs-tellourstory_sms-icon-single-us-powerofpink_091216_29060117183_o acs-tellourstory_sms-icon-single-us-gopink_091216_29060117303_o

acs-tellourstory_sms-icon-single-us-thinkpink_091216_29649202476_o acs-tellourstory_sms-icon-single-us-ribbonsnhearts_091216_29060117133_o


All of these gorgeous wraps are available NOW!  While they are not eligible for the B3G1 discount, they ARE for a very worthy cause.  Just click on your favorite to be taken to my Jamberry Site where you can place your order and make a difference.  Whether you purchase a wrap or not, I encourage you to share your story using #tellyourstory in the comments on my blog, on my Facebook Page, or on your own social media outlets.  Remember, while it is going to take money for research to fight this disease globally, a large part of the individual battles going on every minute of every day is state of mind.  Hope, strength, support and determination can be gained by those who are fighting if they know they are not fighting alone.