New Month, New CATALOG!

The first of the month is always fun in Jamberryland.  There is the New Sisters Style Exclusive, a New Hostess Exclusive, and sometimes there are fun incentives for different things.  This month, like all the others, has a New Sisters Style Exclusive as well as a New Hostess Exclusive, but unlike every other month, THIS month is extra special? Why?? Well…because it is NEW CATALOG LAUNCH DAY!!!!  This is cause for much joy in Jamberryland!  There are New Wraps, New Lacquers, New TruShine Gel Colors, and this time around there are even New Hand and Nail Care products!!

Now, I could show you ALL the new goodies all at once…but that would just overwhelm you and give me some serious hand cramps from all the clicking and typing…so instead, how about I link you up, one section at a time over the next day or two, while showing you some of MY personal favorites from each??  Sound good!?  OK…Here we go!!

First, let me show you the Sister Style Exclusive.  I am totally Crushing on Color Crush!  I can see this one paired with so many of our other wraps and lacquers! I am thinking I may need TWO sheets of these! Remember, this one is available for March ONLY!!

Color Crush

Ready for the New Catalog Stuff??  OK…you asked for it!

Let’s Start in Hand and Nail Care. Why? Because there is something there I am SERIOUSLY excited about!! The Brand New Deluxe Tool Kit!  Now the Basic Application Kit kicks serious bootie when it comes to Nail Prep and Application tools…but this NEW kit takes it to a whole NEW level!  This is PERFECT for those who are ready to step up their manicure with the best tools possible or for those who sometimes like to let their nails go naked, but still want them to look their healthy best!  They have also revamped the containers for the Wrap and Lacquer Remover and Nail Cleanser.  The new packaging features a locking, leak proof pump top and contains more product!  And what happens when your bottle of Remover is empty?  Now there is a new Nail and Lacquer REFILL bottle!  For someone who goes through a lot of remover (Remember Me? The Girl who can’t seem to go more than a couple of days without changing her manicure just to try something different? LoL) this is BIG news!!  OH…and I almost forgot!  Jamberry also has come up with a Quick Dry Spray!  While our lacquers set and dry faster than just about any other I have ever tried…for the girl on the go…sometimes it still isn’t fast enough!  Now, you can paint your nails, spritz on the Quick Dry and you are good to GO!


Be on the lookout for MORE posts today as I compile pics of my favorite wraps, lacquers and gels to share with you!  As always, if you have any questions, you can contact me or if you are ready to place your order, you can do so on My Jamberry Site!


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